Onsite Assurance Warranty

Adsfalcon Assurance Warranty


We, the team of famous adsfalcon.com possess specialist professionals to look after the matter regarding onsite warranty. Here one can take a look at the areas where our team is exclusively famous for offering services.

The pre-owned device of adsfalcon.com specialized is able to offer warranty of 6 months.

  •   One can avail devices like mobiles and tablets of different quality.
  •   We use 100 percent original spares and the services are offered by authorized service centers of adsfalcon.com.
  •   We never charge any hidden cost and also never charge any fees for pick and delivery of products for repairing.
  •   Our warranty service do not cover any damage occur due to accident. Any spare which are not covered under manufacturer's warranty can not be repaired by our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is known as onsite warranty program?

There is a no warranty program for the pre-owned devices specialized and marketed by adsfalcon.com.

Reason to take onsite warranty?

Products which are certified, never comes with Manufacturer warranty. The devices that you use such as tablets, smart phones etc are always needed to offer service on time. These devices are always necessary for expressing your personality. Hence, these devices should always remain updated. The onsite warranty will help in proper upgradation of all such devices. This protection helps in developing a device against all malfunctioning within a device. You also need not to worry about the repairing cost of these pre-owned devices.

Products that are covered under the program of onsite warranty?

For all types of mobiles and tablets as well as all brands, this Onsite Warranty program is not offered by our team.

Duration for which this onsite Warranty program is applicable?

Our team will offer special Onsite Warranty program which is applicable for a period of 6 months since you purchase the device.

What are covered under onsite warranty?

If there is any manufacturing defect within the device that you are using presently, hardware as well as software defaults, the team of adsfalcon.com offers the service of onsite warranty program with ease.

Though, here all the users must be aware regarding the areas which are not included within this onsite warranty program. This service will not cover any malfunctioning of accessories, problem with battery, products damage due to accident etc.

Device repairing center?

While repairing works required for any device, the service only be offered at the legalized sevice centers of adsfalcon.com. Here it is ensured that all such onsite services are offered with authentic and high quality spare parts for all types of mobiles and tablets etc.

Steps to be followed after opting service for onsite warranty?

As soon as the client will opt for buying the onsite warranty service, our team will send the client a link. Clients here will get a form once click on the link and he or she needs to fill up the form. Here the clients are required to fill up the form with all necessary details regarding the devices which are needed to be gone under onsite warranty.

Using onsite warranty service without filling up activation form?

You must be very careful regarding activation of the link and filling up the activation form properly. If the form is not filled up within seven days since the day of opting for service, then the request will be cancelled.

Are all the parts used are genuine?

The devices which are repaired by the team of adsfalcon.com, will be renovated with all super quality and authentic parts. No duplicate parts are used here. We follow this rule strictly.

What to do when the device suddenly failure?

If your device has suddenly failed to work and you are feeling helpless, then nothing to worry. You just need to dial up our phone no given in the website or you can also write to use at the mail address mentioned. We are here to make your device perfectly workable.

Is refund possible to get refund if client turn down to receive the service?

No, that is not possible as onsite warranty service is non refundable.