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Adsfalcon Privacy Policies


Every company should have their own privacy policy. Privacy policy is the way to show the safety measures taken by any company.This will be really nice to notice that customers of will never feel any lack of security regarding maintenance of their personal information. We have a professional team who can collect necessary personal informaton of any customer and keep them safe. Our team collect information of customers and these information are posted on the site publicly. Hence if any customer shares personal information then it is said that the customer is agreed with the privacy policy of We follow advanced technology to maintain the private information so that every customer can submit their details to us. We collect from the customers the following details.

  •   E-mail address
  •   Mobile numbers
  •   Residential and office address
  •   Financial information (if required only)

Those above details we gather from the customers and accordingly we store these details within our database. We also keep the record of other relevant information, IP address of any personal computer from where our site is checked and other web log in information.

Disclosure :

  •   these information are used to provide our own services.
  •   these information will reduce the dispute.
  •   in troubleshooting any problems these details are hugely used.
  •   Keeping record of those personal information always helps in safe trading.
  •   We can enforce our policies in a proper way.
  •   In having proper marketing service these information.
  •   These information helps in customizing user's experience.
  •   This will help in measuring our service.
  •   For promotional offers, these information are always recommended.

Getting Information from :

All the customers are welcomed to use all necessary information from to do a continuous follow up with another user regarding a particular posting of advertisement.

Easy access, Modification with accuracy and Deletion :

Any customer has the right to delete or modify all the personal information after doing a complete review of every posting. Here one can contact with customer support to check personal information. To check these details and to rectify them, every one needs to pay a small charge but this charge will never exceed as permitted by the law. Again, our team will delete personal information of any customer when there will be no need of these information as mentioned above.

Exclusive Data security :

In data security we also pay necessary attention so that security can be maintained properly. We follow advanced mechanisms such as technique of encryption, passwords, physical security and more for adequate security of every data stored with us. Here all customers are also suggested to transmit all data relating to personal information with utmost security. Once these information come to our possession, we take adequate steps regarding keeping these information safe so that no unauthorized person can access these data.

Privacy of Information :

Users who are in use of the basic features of are informed that these features may publish the information posted at the time of using the features of Here the users have the sole responsibility of posting any personal information so that utmost security can be maintained over there. The users agree to the confidentiality to be maintained here on these features.

Changes :

Users here may find a change in our privacy policy. While any such changes will require we will not curtail any right without the consent of any user. At the time of any change, we will post the page of policy changes and in case we feel that the privacy policy is significant, we will make e-mail notifications to all users.